Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday Funday (and a little catch up)

Sorry to all for the lack of posts lately! It has been a crazy few weeks of work and fun in the sun for us at the Danielson Home. We are getting things ready for the nursery.  Unfortunately, we are having to send the dresser back we got at Macy's due to a few marks on it, but they are sending a replacement that should be here in a matter or days. The crib arrived last week, and so did the baby bedding.  The bedding is PERFECT! It is exactly what I envisioned.  I can't wait for the glider to arrive so we can see it all together.  Dave and I also went on Friday afternoon to pick up a few paint samples.  He is going to get the colors up this week, so we can decide which grey and which white to go with - who knew there were so many options! It is hard to find the perfect shade, but I have faith :)

As of today, we are 24 weeks! That is 6 1/2 months according to "What to expect when you are expecting".  I still can't believe how fast time is flying.  I think it will go even faster now that the summer time is here.  Time always seems to move faster in the summer.  Below are a few pictures from this weekend at my old neighbor's graduation party.  I used to babysit Jimmy when he was younger and now he is off to college in the fall! Makes me feel old :)  then again, I'm the pregnant one!!

 Kelsey and I (sister of the graduate, and one of my bridesmaids)
Me, Mom and Baby "D" @ 24 weeks!

How far along? 24 weeks  
Total weight gain: 9 pounds at my last appointment
Maternity clothes?: mostly my regular clothes with a few maternity items mixed in
Stretch marks?: no
Sleep: well, AC unit has been replaced, and sleep is better, but still not great! My allergies are continuing to get the best of me, but I am extremely thankful for Patenol eye drops!
Best moment this week: a blessing of the baby from Fr. Leon
Miss Anything?: allergy medication!!
Movement: baby moves like crazy now! I notice it mostly after I have eaten, or when I am laying down.  They say that when you are walking and moving around a lot, the baby gets lulled to sleep. 
Food cravings: fruit, sugar doughnuts, green olives, cheese ... not all at once though!  Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Gender: unknown.  anyone care to guess?
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: the ever growing belly

Belly Button in or out?: an "innie" for the time being, althought it is getting shallower by the day :) I have to admit, it's a bit weird to see your belly button change shapes 
Wedding rings on or off?: on
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy, happy, happy! Althought David would probably say I am moody as well :) blame it on the hormones!
Looking forward to: seeing Baby "D's" room come together

One more thing...
A HUGE THANK YOU to all the men and women that have or are currently fighting for our country and our freedom.  We dont thank them enough, and yet we owe it all to them! Home of the free because of the Brave.

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  1. Love your dress...such a cute Momma!! So glad you are getting things done; it will feel so good to have it all put together so when baby comes you can simply enjoy it all...I can't wait ;)