Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life Lately

Lots has been going on these last few weeks. Not only have we been preparing (endlessly it seems) for Baby D's arrival and me wrapping up everything with work, one of my very best friends got married last weekend! Erica and I have been best friends since we were 4 years old- 21 years! Her and Matt were married in Santa Cruz (where they live and recently just bought their first house) and it was a fabulous weekend. My mom and I headed over early for the wedding, arriving on Thursdsay. On the way we stopped for lunch in San Ramon to see my sister, and took our time driving over (neither of us can handle long car rides these days). I have to say, it was wonderful to get out of the heat of Sacramento for four days. Santa Cruz was foggy, misty, cool, and beautiful. We had a relaxing few days leading up to the wedding festivities, and then on Friday night, we had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. David wasn't able to come over till Saturday due to football season starting, so my mom was my date. 

Saturday was full wedding mode! David and my Dad arrived, the four of us had lunch on the wharf, and then I was on bridesmaid duty. Erica was a STUNNING bride! Her dress was absolutely perfect, and her hair, vail, and and shoes were the perfect compliment. The wedding ceremony went off without a hitch (I was VERY relieved that my water didnt break while standing up there, and that I didnt trip in my shoes either). We had a great time dancing and catching up with friends.

Me, Erica, and Ashley

37 Weeks!

My escort down the aisle- pretty fitting given our history (great family friends for 25+ years)!

My beautiful mom

Parents to be ... we can't wait for the next chapter!

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