Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Showering Baby Danielson

The last two weekends, Baby "D" and I were very blessed to have two wonderful showers thrown for us. We got so many wonderful gifts, and are still amazed at the generosity of everyone!

The first of the showers was hosted by my dear friends Anna and Tricia at Anna's home.  It was a "friends" shower and all (almost!) my favorite girlfriends were there.  Anna and Tricia know me so well, and the shower was done in grey and white chevron print and yellow.  They had a wonderful brunch spread, a yellow candy bar station for favors, and beautiful pom decorations set up outside. 

The AMAZING hostesses

Kel and I :)

Yellow Candy Bar

Nanna, Momma, Auntie

Most of the girls

Just a small portion of Baby "D's" goodies

The adorable welcome sign with baby pictures of David and I

Baby "D" coming home outfits
Shower #2 took place this past weekend, and was hosted by my Mom (Nanna) and sister (Auntie Katie). It was a "Baby to Bee" theme! The invitation said "Have you heard the buzz, Karin's a Mommy to Bee." - how cute right?! This was a family shower, and it was so wonderful to have almost all my aunts, cousins, grandma, MIL Julie (aka Nonni), mine and David's second moms, etc there to celebrate with. I'm still waiting on a few pictures (my camera died right after presents!), and will post those once I have them :)

Baby to Bee clothing line

TV Mix- my favorite!

Wishes for Baby - to be made into a booklet

The wonderful quilt my Aunt Kari made for baby D

34 weeks!

Sister, grandma, Mom

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