Saturday, February 2, 2013

Paybacks a .....

So remember those first three months Of Kendall's life when we talked (bragged) about what a great sleeper she was? How our little angel slept 6,7,8 then 12 hours through the night? Those days seem like a distant memory! Our wonderful sleeper decided to turn the tables on us (we got it Universe! Lesson learned!) and has been waking up anywhere from 7-20 (no joke) times a night. Every now and then we get a night like we used to, and those are the nights we long for. Part of its our fault- we became a paci crazed family, and in turn kinda sorta maybe created a paci monster out of our sweet baby girl. Any time she semi wakes during the night she is screaming out for it until one of us half walks, half sleep stumbles in there to plug her back up. Our princepessa as my MUL has named her, has become our prince-painintheass-a.
We will probably have a rough few nights ahead of us. I'm going back to work next week and need my sleep, so for the next few nights we are going to soothe her but not give in to the paci. We can do this (right?).

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