Sunday, February 24, 2013

Starting solids

This has been quite the journey for us. We got the go ahead from our ped to try rice cereal at Kendall's 4 month appt, but it constipated her like no other. Plus, she wasn't that in to it (and there is no redeeming value to it(. So onto oatmeal we went. Tried that for a few days, and while her system handled it, again she wasn't that in to it. So we let it be for a few weeks, and started up again at 5 months. What a world of difference! She really took to it this time. We did oatmeal for about a week, an hour before her nighttime bottle, and then last Thursday, I moved oatmeal to her morning feeding, and we tried avocado that night. She did great with it the first night, but the last few nights have been a little hit or miss. It doesn't help that she has her first cold. I'm sure you can just picture me spooning the avocado in to her mouth, just to have her cough in my face and get the green goo all over herself, my five, Andy white shirt.
She's totally adorable in these pictures!

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