Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Life of Late

Things have been pretty crazy for us lately. We are still waiting to close on both houses (the one we are buying and the one we are selling). It's a waiting game, but then seems like everything happens all at once and we are scrambling. We had a fun weekend - went to dinner the three of us on Friday night - Kendall LOVES Chevy's happy hour. Girl after my own heart! Saturday was pretty mellow. We hung out at home, took a long walk, and then dropped her off with her amazing nanny, Mary Kay, and went to dinner and a play with my parents. We had to leave the show a bit early though due to my milk pouring coming in. Fun times! Luckily we have another mellow weekend on the books. David is on spring break next week- lucky guy! I think I am going to take Good Friday off to spend with my two favorites.  

Best. Picture. EVER

She is obsessed with this bird

Classic Face

Stylin' babe out for a Saturday stroll.

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