Thursday, April 11, 2013

6 month update

I can't believe Kendall is already 6 months old! Everyone warned told us it would, but never did I think it would be going this fast. She will be a toddler before we know it! I'm not ready for that! I am trying to enjoy every moment with her, and it seems like every day, there is another milestone that she is passing. Here are a few of her 5-6 month highlights.

- Rolling everywhere. We can no longer leave her on a mat to play while we try to do anything. She will roll right off, and in to the cabinets, entertainment center, etc. (not like any of that every happened...ya right)
- Loves her bouncer. More like obsessed. She can be in this thing for 20 minutes and be happy as can be. Not so happy when you take her out...
- Has two teeth. These bad boys came in back to back, but you wouldnt have known from how happy she was. She was a drooly mess, but still her usual happy self.
- Eating solids. See my post HERE about how we are feeding her, etc. So far, Kendall has had Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Carrots and Peas, as well as Avacados, Bananas, Apples and Pears. Waiting for her in the freezer are Green Beans, Apricots, and Mango. I love introducing her to new foods and watching her facial expressions during the first spoonfulls - classic baby faces!
- Up on all fours. This girl will be crawling before we know it! This is more of a recent development since she turned 6 months.
- Sitting up assisted. Kendall can tripod like a champ, but isnt quite sitting up on her own. She has great core strength and control though, so it wont be long!
- Laughing. Is there any sounds more amazing than a baby laughing?! Didn't think so. This little girl is just full of baby giggles. She loves when we tickle her tummy, and blow on to it also. I could listen to her laugh for hours.

6 Month Stats:
- 15.5lbs
- 25 3/4"
50% percentile for height, weight and head circumference.

Kendall and her favorite gal, Marge. They spend every Tuesday together. Melts my heart!

Mommy and Baby besties!

Sushi Date

3B (Baby Boy Brixton) and SBK (Sweet Baby Kendall) spending quality time together. Mommy and Daddy besties = Baby Besties! 2nd generation BFF's

Nonni and Papa time!

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