Friday, April 12, 2013

Big News

We have some big news- The Danielson's are moving! Shortly after having Kendall, we realized that our house is not condusive to more than one baby. While we are no where close to having a second baby (I bet lots of you thought thats what "big news" meant!), we are realistic in knowing that once we are ready for baby #2, we will not be ready to have Kendall downstairs by herself while we are upstairs with the baby. So, in December, we met with our real estate agent (if you are in Sacramento, look up Idelle Claypool, she is amazing!), and started looking for a forever home for us and our growing family. We looked for a few months unsucessfully, and then stumbled across this beauty

We were lucky enough to meet the seller, and tell her how much we loved the home and could see ourselves growing in to with our growing family. We put in an offer that evening, and it was accepted! Then came the fun part of putting our house on the market. Luckily, it had become a seller's market, and we had no problems selling. We have since closed on both of the homes, and will be moving in to our new house in May! Meanwhile, we are still living in our first house, and will be there while we have work/updates done on the new house.
I can't wait to decorate a new home and make it "ours"! All of the bedrooms are upstairs, while the living spaces are downstairs. We also have an office downstairs that we are going to make in to an office/playroom. Here are my ideas for it.

1  2  3

We already have the office furniture and just need the curtains and pillows to add some color! I am planning on doing a chalk wall in the room as well so Kendall can draw on it when she gets a bit older. Me too!!

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  1. LOVE the house; so classic and beautiful!! Excited for you guys!!!