Monday, January 7, 2013

3 Month Update

...wait! When did that happen? My baby girl is already 3 months old! I know "they" always said the time flies, but it really does. Kendall is 15 1/2 weeks old and such a fun baby. For the most part, she is easy going, and loves to sit and look up at mommy and daddy (or whomever is holding her!). Don't get me wrong, she has her fussy moments, but over all, she is such a happy baby girl. Here are a few updates on our baby cakes...

  • She rolled over! On Sunday morning, I had her on her play mat, looked down, and she just did it! I'm pretty sure I scared David half to death with my "OMGosh" shriek, but he was able to come in the room and see her do it a second and third time (caught this one on camera). Later that same day, I had her on her playmat again (hard work, I know), and with the aide of a toy in her line of vision, got her to roll the other way too. Watch our world! We have a roller :)
  • Sits in her bumbo chair. I don't let her do too much of this, but I will put her in the bumbo chair every few days, for a few minutes, fully supervised. I think it is good for her to get the feel of sitting up, but know she still isnt fully ready for it.

  • Can now sit in the main part of her stroller. No more bassinet or car seat adapter needed! We love our UppaBabyVista and I am so happy that I can now use it to its full advantage! The main seat is AMAZING. I am able to have it face me, put the kick tray up, lay it back, etc. So many options.
  • Uses her hands to grasp things. Kendall is grabbing things more and more. She has taken a liking to her hands (borderline obsession), so rather than taking them out of her mouth every 5 seconds, we gave her a Sophie toy (thanks Nonni and Papa!) and she has been gnawing on that. She still loves her pacis, but this is good for her hand/eye coordination.

  • Sleeps in her crib at night. Kendall has always napped in her crib, but after the new year, we decided it was time to move her in to her crib. It has only been a few nights, but so far the transition has gone pretty well. We also moved her bedtime up from 8pm to about 7:20pm, so that has been a transition as well. All in preperation for when I have to go back to work in a few weeks (boo!)

  • I have totally been lagging in a christmas post! It will be up soon, promise! 

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  1. Such a big girl with all that rolling! I remember when Paige did her first roll, and I cried. Every new thing they do is HUGE! And good job getting her to sleep in her crib- that is a lifesaver for all 3 of you. Love you guys!