Monday, November 12, 2012

Kendall's Christmas Wish List

We can't wait to celebrate Kendall's first Christmas! Here are a few things we hope Santa leaves under the tree for her.

Kendall and I in Tiburon at the hotel while Daddy was at the wedding

Wooden Walker- too cute to pass up! It will be a while before she needs it, but it is adorable!

Bean Bag Chairs - these bean bags from Pottery Barn are the best! We have great friends that have these for their daughters and they are great for lounging in, having baby give herself a bottle, etc. would be perfect in our upstairs loft.

Aden & Anais security blankets- A&A make the best swaddle blankets, so it's a safe bet that these would be great too! They are much smaller, and lined with a silky fabric that babies love to hold on too. I think this print is adorable too!

Baby Ugg Boots- Kendall will have these at some point in the next year :) she doesn't need them now, and I would rather her have them when she gets older, so these are probably better to go on a birthday wish list, but look at them! They are adorbs!

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