Monday, November 12, 2012

Months 1 and 2 necessities continued

Last night as I was feeding little miss (at 5am!) I thought of a few more products that I HAD to add. So, here they are...

Boppy Pillow - great for breastfeeding. Use it to support the baby, so your arms get a break! Also great for when the baby is older to prop them up, for tummy time, etc.

Soothies - I was never an anti pacifier parent. Like I mentioned before, I would rather her take a pacifier then suck on her hand. These were the pacifiers they gave Kendall in the NICU, and luckily we got some as shower gifts because she LOVES them. Something about me being able to put my finger in it really calms her down. Plus, she looks adorable when she has one in!

Starbucks Tumbler - I have about three different tumblers at home that I constantly have full of water. I find that I drink more water if it is from a straw (weird I know), and it really helps with keeping my milk supply up (FYI - so does oatmeal and flax seed)


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