Sunday, November 11, 2012

Months 1 and 2 Necessities

This is a list of all of my personal "must have items" for baby Kendall. These are all items that we have found to be extremely helpful and beneficial to Kendall (and Dave and I) over the last 7.5 weeks.
Dr Brown's bottless - we give Kendall one bottle every day (started at 2 weeks) of pumped breast milk (see below for my pump recommendation). She has never had a hard time taking a bottle, and I think it is largely due to the fact that we started her on one so young. She will even take a bottle from me :) Best part is, she doesnt care what temperature it is, as long as there is milk in it! These bottles have been great, because they reduce the amount of air flow, and thus prevent gas bubbles for your baby.
Coconut oil - this stuff has been amazing! Kendall had a moderate case of cradle cap, and per the recommendations of other moms, I started rubbing this on her scalp a few hours before bed time. We have been doing this for a week now, and it is really starting to clear up.

Burts Bees baby products - we love this stuff for bath time! Kendall loves her baths (after the first experience that is) and we give her one almost every nights as part of her nightly routine (we only use soap ever 2-3 days though). The soap is mild and smells great! the lotions do too.

Aiden and Anais - I can't say enough great things about these products. We have both the swaddle blankets and the burp cloths. The swaddle blankets have SO MANY uses. We use them to swaddle her, cover up her carseat from the eyes of prying strangers in the stores, keep her covered from the sun when out on walks, you name it! The burpy bibs are great too! Not only are they great burp cloths, but they also have a snap so you can use them as a bib as well. One less thing to pack in the diaper bag!

UppaBaby Vista - we LOVE our stroller. it is easy to use (like one, two clicks easy to use) and has the great feature of coming with a basinet as well for when you have an infant. I love taking Kendall for walks in the basinet, and the stroller has great storage for when you need to pop in to target, Buy Buy Baby, the grocery store, the Mall :)

Swaddle Sacks - if you have a baby Houdini like we do, you will soon find that he/she can break out of any swaddle, no matter how tight you might make it. Thats where these little gems come in handy. You put the baby in feet first, and then you pull one part ofth fabric over one shoulder, arm, etc, and then pull the other side over the opposite arm and velcro it down. Kendall sleeps in one of these every night- keeps her nice and snug and also keeps her crazy (batlike) reflexes from waking her up.

Nap Nanny - the famous nap nanny! We LOVE this product. It might be my number 1 baby recommended product to parents to be out there. The nap nanny puts your baby at a 30 degree angle, which is ideal for an infant. Kendall is a great sleeper, but didnt like to be flat on her back. I read in an article that babies feel like they are falling when they are flat (you will probably notice they flail their arms and look startled sometimes when you are changing them). They also dont like to be in wide open spaces like a pack n play. Kendall was no exception for any of these, so off I went to the baby store when she was two weeks old to try and find something that would make her feel more secure, and I came across the Nap Nanny. The first night we had it, she slept 6.5 hours straight (at two weeks old mind you!). Now she averages anywhere from 7-9 hours straight (knocking on wood...). We only use it for night time though. During the day, she is unswaddled and in her crib for naps.

Madela Breast Pump - I LOVE my pump! It is hands free, and pumps both sides at the same time, so cuts down the time by half. I knew I was going to need a good pump, and went ahead and purchased this bad boy when Kendall was a week old. I started pumping at two weeks to start building my supply up for when I have to go back to work. It has also been great because it allows for Dave to be able to feed her as well, and when we go to friends houses, out to dinner, etc, I can bring a bottle with us instead of a hooter hider :) I pump first thing in the morning when I wake up, but before she does, and then again at night after she goes to bed.

Little Lamb Sound Machine - this is the travel size. we use it in her crib for nap time, and then I use a white noise app on my iPhone for night time. Kendall LOVES the white noise. Just the other night she was super fussy in the car, so I put it on, and she calmed down and closed her eyes instantly. Highly recommend white noise of some sort! (PS- i just purhcased a humidifier/sound machine combo for when we move her in to her own room)

WubbaNub - great product for babies that like pacifiers. Kendall took a paci from day one. I would rather her have a paci then suck on her hand or fingers (which is where we were headed prior to the paci). However, they are a blessing and a curse! A blessing because it soothes them, a curse because they can't keep the dang things in their mouths! Thus, the wubbanub! Helps the baby keep the paci in their mouth :)

These are just a few of the products that we have come to love over the past few months. We use pampers swaddlers diapers and wipes and have lots of carters clothes (soft and dont shrink down). Message me if you have any questions or recommendations yourself! 

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